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   Don Olsen earned both his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Industrial Engineering from the University of Michigan, specializing in Ergonomics. He worked for Alcoa for over 16 years in various Ergonomic and Safety positions. In his final 5 years with Alcoa he was responsible for worldwide coordination of Ergonomics within the company. In 1994, Don opened an Ergonomic consulting business in Davenport, Iowa called Erg-OSH. Don is both a Certified Safety Professional and a Certified Professional Ergonomist and has provided consulting services in Mexico, Europe and throughout the United States.   

The focus of Erg-OSH is to help companies effectively integrate Ergonomics into their injury prevention efforts.


The following are the most popular services provided by Erg-OSH:

Strategic Planning
Helping organizations of all sizes develop a customized, focused, results-oriented ergonomic plan.

Providing customized sessions of any length and complexity regarding all aspects of ergonomics for audiences such as managers, supervisors, employees, engineers, computer workstation users, and ergonomic teams.

Ergonomic Team Facilitation
Helping a core ergonomic work group get started, set priorities, achieve and measure results and become self-sustaining.

Job Assessment & Problem Solving
Analyzing specific jobs and providing an assessment of musculoskeletal risk and suggestions for improvement.

Ergonomic Auditing
Reviewing and assessing the effectiveness of existing and past ergonomic activities and making recommendations for future improvement.

Seminar & Conference Speaking
Providing presentations of any length on topics ranging from ergonomic regulatory activities to every aspect of ergonomic program implementation.

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